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About Us

The history of "Vsesvit" Ltd. began in 1995 when it was established as the diversified enterprise. The company has been producing jewellery made of gold with natural and synthetic inserts since 2000. We have also been producing jewellery with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and sapphires since 2005. In May 2004 "Vsesvit" Ltd. was admitted as the full member to the Association of jewelers of Ukraine. Nowadays "Vsesvit" Ltd. is a modern enterprise with complete production cycle which includes model building, complete cycle production and sale of products via retail network. According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine "Vsesvit" Ltd. has been one of the leaders of the jewellery industry for several years and one of the twenty largest jewellery companies of Ukraine.

Innovative technologies and modern equipment supplied from such companies as German "INDUTHERM", Japanese "Yoshida Cast Industry Co. Ltd.", etc. make it possible for the highly skilled experts of our company to use the most progressive trends in the jewellery production. During the production of jewellery with synthetic inserts we use the leading world companies' products which are characterized by its perfect geometry and high finish quality, impeccable polishing and glitter. "Vsesvit" Ltd. in its jewellery with precious stones uses diamonds of undisputed high quality. Each stone is checked by our highly certificated expert - gemmologist. The production of jewellery with precious stones requires more careful attention to its design. There is no place for such a flight of fancy as in the production of the jewellery without inserts or with synthetic inserts, but even sticking to the canons of classical style our artists constantly replenish the range of jewellery.

All the innovative technologies and team work of "Vsesvit" Ltd. staff would not have had such an incarnation in jewellery but for young artists, jewelers, who created several thousands of original models for all the connoisseurs. Talent, ability to feel the fashion trends and customer needs helped the team of our company to win customers' love in different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

"Vsesvit" Co. Ltd. has repeatedly been awarded different diplomas for the original design, high quality and the various range of our product.

Except the jewellery made of 14ct gold our company has been producing jewellery made of 24ct platinum since 2009. At present there are practically no producers of platinum jewellery in Ukraine. Attention of newlyweds had been riveted to platinum jewellery after it's presentation. About 50% of orders for platinum products are wedding rings. This choice adds a special feeling for the festive occasion because the demand for such products is being formed and the owners of this jewellery are very few in our country. If you appreciate fine personality, unsurpassed quality and wish to have a true jewel - this production is for you.


With best wishes,
"Vsesvit" Ltd.